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Global Premium Manufacturing Partnership Agreement with DSM Protective Materials

Recently, GHH and DSM Protective Materials have successfully worked together to build the R&D and production of new lightweight and high comfort cut resistant personal protective equipment (PPEs). DSM authorizes the use of Dyneema® Diamond yarn technology and the use of the world's first biological Dyneema® Fiber manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPEs).

This cooperation will focus on the product development of Cut Resistant Gloves and Sleeves, and will integrate our original T · Touch® Sandy nitrile and DuraGrip® Coating and Dyneema® Diamond Technology Yarn technology can significantly improve the cut resistance level of PPEs without using any ancillary reinforcement materials.

Bio-based Dyneema® Fiber combined with Dyneema® Diamond Technology Yarn can effectively reduce the carbon footprint and achieve a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

We believe the cooperation between GHH and DSM Protective Materials will leverage the strengths of both companies, to offer the most cost and performance competitive range of Cut Resistant Gloves and Sleeves with Dyneema®.