Take morality as the first, take heart as the foundation, and pursue the sustainable development of the enterprise

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Solar Energy System:

1,140,000 kwh annual capacity<br>0,000-180,000 kwh monthly depend on weather condition

Waste Gas Treatment System:

All exhaust gases are effectively collected and treated (Water spray, catalytic oxidation) and converted into heat energy for recycling. Real-time monitoring (24h)

Sewage Treatment and Recycling System:

Capacity :1500t/d
COD < 300, PH: 6-9
All treatment results meet the legal discharge standard and water recycling utilization is realized.

  • Solar Energy
  • Waste Gas Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment


Build "family culture" in an harmonious enterprise, build a community of common value in enterprise and employee.


Actively participate in public welfare activities, assume social responsibility, and be an international enterprise with “humanism”.