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Technological innovation promotes sustainable development

Meticulosity in every step from technology to product

We have developed a strict R&D management system, formed a standardized R&D process, covering all stages of new product development, to ensure that the quality, risk and cost of new product R&D are effectively controlled.

  • 01 Project approval
  • 02 Product design
  • 03 Trial production
  • 04 Volume production
Innovative Technology
  • GHH R&D team successfully developed T-Touch technology, cordinated with our unique coating production line to meet customers' requirement for safety, grip and comfort. The coating compound is the mix of water-based PU and nitrile which gave the glove strong durability, good grip, breathability and oil resistance. This development greatly alleviates the fatigue of the wearer.

    Compared with most of microfoam products on the market, the glove is Better grip and comfort.

Innovative Brand
  • T-Touch® series gloves are durable, good grip, breathable, and oil-proof, which can greatly relieve the wearer’s hand fatigue.
  • Multi-layer design conception ensures the cut resistance of the glove.
  • Our design reduces stress on joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • It is especially designed for the working environment where 360° hand protection from mechanical hazard is required.